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Article Delivery

Article Delivery (formerly known as 'STM Document Delivery') is an important service that supports critical research, fills content gaps within library collections, and lowers unnecessary spending by ensuring maximum use from existing content investments.

Customers around the world are increasingly switching to Article Delivery service from Reprints Desk to increase the satisfaction of end users, while lowering overall total cost-of-ownership.

Here are a few highlights of how our Article Delivery service can work for you:

Time-saving integrations Time-saving integrations
We play nice with others.  So whether your users use PubMed, QUOSA, SciFinder or another literature discovery solution, chances are we do or can integrate. This saves time for you and your users with one-click auto-population of our order form and other nifty features.
Google-like simplicity Google-like simplicity
Researchers, engineers and other users – especially those for whom English isn't their first language – appreciate our simple yet efficient user interface (UI) and order form.  Whether using the order form on our site or a form on your intranet, ordering can be completed in seconds. Users only need to input only whatever information they have and nothing more.  This increases user adoption, satisfaction, and productivity.
Online order tracking and management Online order tracking and management
Like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others in the delivery business, we also provide real-time online order tracking and management.  We know you and your colleagues work on tight deadlines so we keep you current by letting you know exactly where your order is within the fulfillment process.
High quality documents High quality documents
We fill most orders in minutes, sourcing directly from our publishing partners. For other orders, especially those 'born in print', we deliver in color (without extra charge) whenever possible and put each article through a complimentary 15-step clean quality and accuracy control process.  This includes straightening, removal of borders and black dots.  We're also able to deliver additional quality types whether for eCTD regulatory submissions or other use cases.
Plus tons of bells & whistles Plus tons of bells & whistles
We also offer many other valuable components in our Article Galaxy solution: integrated search options, complimentary workflow and spend analysis, productivity and collaboration tools for end users, and an array of full service options that other providers may not offer. It's your choice, choose one or choose them all.  Check out our Article Galaxy page today to see what other big bang benefits you might benefit from.

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