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Peer-reviewed journal articles are influential and valuable to the healthcare practitioners (HCPs) you must build relationships with. Whether you're a procurement professional seeking the benefits that come with consolidated Article Group Purchasing or a brand manager or agency account executive looking to save time making your next reprints purchase, our Article Reprints service can help.

But first an important word from the sponsor (that's us): 
Publishers set the list prices in the reprints industry. Reprints Desk can ensure you receive value with: transparent pricing, no rush fees, and value added services.
Your single source for orders & no-obligation quotes Your single source for orders & no-obligation quotes
The same as with Article ePrint quotes, you can request quotes for any reprint, from any publisher, in any format and for any quantity.  We'll get the information you need with no obligation to buy.  So the next time you're pinched for time on a project or just need help budgeting for a future initiative, let us help.
Ordering any way you like it – online or offline Ordering any way you like it – online or offline
We don't try and force our reprint buyers to order in the way we might prefer them to.  Instead, we cater to how they need and want to work.  This might mean accepting orders by email, via our online order form, by phone, or a purchase order tied to a pigeon's leg.  Our buyers appreciate this and we hope you will, too.
Turnaround that is faster than fast Turnaround that is faster than fast
We tap into our little black book of publisher contacts to expedite orders – often the same day for quotes and within seven days for orders.  This is made possible through direct publisher agreements and our expanding collection of print rights, which we put to work for you through our in-house Article Printing & Logistics capabilities.
Online order tracking and management Online order tracking and management
Like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others in the delivery business, we also provide real-time online order tracking and management.  We know you and your colleagues work on tight deadlines so we keep you current by letting you know exactly where your order is within the fulfillment process.
Publisher-recommended Publisher-recommended
Not every reprints supplier gets 'A' grades from the scholarly publishers they rely on, but we do.  If you're doing due diligence for you or your company, we encourage you to contact publishers and ask for references.  We're certain you'll be pleased with what you hear.
Governance support for copyright compliance Governance support for copyright compliance
Reprints Desk helps you optimize copyright compliance and minimize risk through direct licenses with publishers and clearing copyright on licensed articles.  Non-compliance can be costly as historical legal cases involving notable companies like Texaco and Goldman Sachs have shown.
Plus other value-added features Plus other value-added features
From providing custom packaging and on-site storage to eliminating rush fees on last minute orders, we also offer a number of other features you might find beneficial.  Visit our Article Collaboration and Article Printing & Logistics web pages to learn more.

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